Shin Splints

Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome) is pain along the shin bone (tibia) due to inflammation of the muscles, bone and tendons in this area. 

Stretching Exercises

These exercises are good for both recovery and prevention. Try to do them 3 times a day

1) Kneel on a carpeted floor, legs and feet together and toes painted directly back. Then slowly sit back onto your calves ad heels, pushing your ankles into the floor until you feel tension in the muscles of your shin. Hold for 10-12 seconds. Relax and repeat.

2) In a sitting position, trace the alphabet on the floor with your toes. Do this with each leg

3) Alternate walking in your heels for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of regular walking. Repeat 4 times.


If you continue running wrap your leg before you go out. Use either tape or an ACE bandage, starting just above the ankle and continuing to just below the knee. Keep wrapping your leg until the pain goes away, which usually takes 3-6 weeks.

Consider cross-training for a while to let your shin heal. Swim, run in the pool or ride a bike.

When you return to running, increase your mileage slowly, no more than 10% weekly. Also, try to avoid hills until the pain subsides. 

Recommended Products

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