Favorite Shoes

We often are asked what our favorite shoes are...

Each of us have feet that are uniquely shaped with different demands within our day to day life. In turn, the “right shoe” is not the same for everybody, but there are shoes that are better equipped to support our feet based on their design and quality. 

Remember- Wear what feels comfortable for YOU! 


Some fan favorites plus recommendations from Runner’s World

Check out www.runrepeat.com which has rankings of running shoes based on thousands of reviews.

Sneakers with Widths

Dress Shoes



Do we wear completely flat sandals? Sometimes! But if you are having heel pain or pain with prolonged walking, we recommend a sandal that has built in support. 

Children's Shoes

Our kiddos feet change as they grow and we should check shoe and sock size every few months. We recommend taking your child shoe shopping as every shoe fits differently.

 If your child has one foot larger than the other, but the shoes based on the larger foot size. The shoes should not need a break in period and they should feel comfortable immediately.

Helpful Hints

Shoe Reviews

Lacing Techniques