Scheduling Surgery

Drs. Anthony , Gonzales & Sandilya are proud to perform surgery out of 

Below is information regarding the process of surgery. 

Preparing for Surgery

Knowledge is power. And knowing what to expect can help achieve the best outcome.  We are here to make your surgical experience a positive one!


Pre-Admission Testing & Medical Clearance


** Medications Can Increase Bleeding or Interfere with Anesthesia **

Some medications impair the body’s ability to form a clot & stop bleeding. Be sure to discuss these with your physician:

Speak to your primary doctor regarding each medication you are taking and confirm which medications to continue/stop/adjust.  Follow the instructions given to you.

Schedule Pre-Op Consultation

During this visit, you will:

Transportation Arrangements

Preparing Your Home

Plan ahead and be proactive. Take time now to consider what you may need during your post-op weeks. 

What do I need to do the day BEFORE surgery? 

This includes gum, candy, water, coffee, tea or food of any kind 

What do I need to do the DAY OF surgery?


What can I expect when I arrive at the surgical center?

Post-Op Instructions

If you experience any of the above, and are unable to get in touch with your surgeon or the on-call physician, go immediately to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT of your local hospital.

What about pain control? 

Getting Around

Handling Your Work


Start your surgical experience on the right foot by asking questions.

The Dynamic Foot & Ankle Team is here to guide you through the entire process.

And remember, by knowing what to expect and planning ahead for your recovery, you will significantly improve your post-op experience.