Ingrown Toenails

Diagnosis and Treatment of Painful Ingrowing Nails

Swelling on the side of your toe can indicate an ingrowing nail or even an infection. It is important to get this evaluated if the pain persists or gets worse over a few days. The sooner you are evaluated, the easier ingrown toenails are to treat. 


Treatment includes trimming a piece of the nail away or removing the edge of the nail. In most severe cases, the entire nail may need to be removed. These procedures can be done in the office and you will be able to drive home and resume work after. We recommend waiting to return to sports until the next day. 

After treatment, leave the bandage on until the next day. For the next 2 weeks:

Recommended Products

Dynamic Foot & Ankle Recommends the following products that have been successful in the management of ingrown nails.