Exercising: How to Keep Moving with a Foot Injury

Modified Push-Ups

Perform knee push-ups by placing your hands shoulder-width apart under your shoulders and resting your lower body on your knees. Remember, place pressure on the soft part above your knee!

Seated Arm Workout


Tricep Extensions


Shoulder Press


Bicep Curls

Resistance Core Workout

10-10-10 for 2 Minutes

Day 1:

Banded Bicycle crunches, straight lef sit ups, heels touches

Day 2:

Superman with resistance band abduction, Resistance band scissor kicks, Glute Bridges

Day 3:

Leg raises (3-2-1 down), Crunches, Jack Knives

Day 4:

Resistance band flutter kicks, wide leg sit ups, 10 sec hollow hold

Day 5

Bird Dogs, Body Ups, Pushups